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 YiZheng HongJun Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd was founded on Sep. 2003, invested by the Taiwan HongJun electrical and mechanical engineering Co., Ltd with independent legal personality of Taiwan enterprise. In April 2004, the other YiZheng HongJun Chemical Transport Co., Ltd was established for transporting dangerous chemical goods.

 Our companys are located at Yougang Road of YangZhou Chemical Industry Park nearby to the Yangtze River. The company has excellent location and well traffic condition that only 200 meters close to freeway.

 Our company specializes in manufacturing column, tank, heat exchanger, pressure vessel , reactor, water treatment equipment etc. of petrochemical, chemical, environmental engineering including design and installation works.

 The company occupies 30,000 square meters, plant area of 8,000 square meters, having longest span of 20.5 meters, max. lifting capacity of 60 tons and 8.5 meters height. We have 120 technical employees in all, including 30 various management peoples of pressure vessel.

 The production capacity of pressure vessels in our company can reach to 5000 tons annually.

 We have already prepared enough ability about erection engineering and equipments manufacturing for customers.

Phone: +86-514-83292888 / 83298521
Fax: +86-514-83298522
Address: NO.9 Yougang Road Yangzhou Chemical Industry Park Jiangsu Province China
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