Talent concept
Talent recruitment

The idea of talent: both ability and ability

Excellent talents and cadres are the strategic resources of enterprises and the decisive factors to promote the healthy development of enterprises. We are committed to creating an advanced and fair human resource management system, training the backbone talents with both talent and talent, and creating an excellent and advanced talent team in the industry.

The concept of selection: truthfully reflecting the performance of employees, selecting, upgrading and rewarding outstanding employees without being affected by any factors irrelevant to their performance. Adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, competition and merit.

People's idea: we hope that employees will be able to learn and be creative, to create the first class conditions for employees, to provide the stage for each employee to give full play to their talents, to maximize their personal potential, and to establish the incentive mechanism of "capable persons, rewards, honors, lazy people, and the mediocre to give way to the virtuous".

To help employees realize their personal values, Hongjun regularly provides systematic training for employees to ensure that employees are advancing along with Hongjun's cause.
In Hongjun, when everyone works hard, the value of life will be highlighted in his work.
In Hongjun, when everyone enjoys hard returns of hard work, life goals will be clearer in a pleasant working environment.

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